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Radiant Health Transformation

Tea is the key to help you attain radiant health, elevate consciousness and unleash our collective potential.

Tea has been at the center of the most important practices for health, longevity and spirituality in cultures around the world for hundreds of years.

Integrating ancient and contemporary, Eastern and Western, mind and body, we’ve now developed a set of comprehensive and profound Guided Practices in Gut Health, Breathwork and Fasting to help you experience sustainable and powerful transformation. Pique Practices are designed to be so simple that anyone can do them, yet challenging enough that even the most experienced will be rewarded.

Your time and effort will transport you to a place where hunger cravings barely register, energy levels stay elevated, inspiration is at your fingertips and fulfillment is a way of life.

Walk with us…

From live coaching by leading health experts to detailed worksheets, step-by-step instructions and video Q&A sessions, we will guide you onto the sustainable and fulfilling path to radiant health.

When we part ways, you will be equipped with all the conceptual and practical knowledge to take control of your health and wellness. You will come to realize the central concept in our health philosophy: Everything you need is already inside.

7 Day Breathwork Practice

A practical approach to meditation.

What to expect:
Based on the principles of a 5000 year old practice, Pique Breathwork Practice will help you acquire the technique to indirectly control every other function in your body via your breath and mind.

How? By teaching you to turn off your flight or fight response (sympathetic nervous system) and turn on your rest and digest response (parasympathetic nervous system) like a switch.

You'll learn how to use the power of your breath to attain radiant health and higher consciousness.

What you get:
7 consecutive days of deep immersion into concepts and live practice to take with you for life
7 consecutive days of advanced video lectures
Daily live Q&A with Practice host, Simon
Group support via our private Facebook group
Commit to 7 days and embark on the easiest and most effective way to transform your health and elevate your consciousness, including support for your body's immune system

What you need
The only thing that's required from you is your time. Here is what your 7-Day Pique Breathwork Practice schedule will look like.

Next Session Starts: July 20, 2020
Last Day to Sign Up: July 12, 2020
Price: $239.00


Day Day Webinar Times  Webinar Length (mins) Assigned Practice (mins) Total Time Required
1 Mon 7/20 3:30pm - 5:00pm PT       90 min 3 x 20 min 2.50 hrs
2 Tue 7/21 3:30pm - 5:00pm PT 90 min 3 x 30 min 3.00 hrs
3 Wed 7/22      3:15pm - 5:00pm PT 105 min 3 x 45 min 4 hrs
4 Thu 7/23 3:00pm - 5:00pm PT 120 min 3 x 60 min 5.00 hrs
5 Fri 7/24 2:45pm - 5:00pm PT 135 min 3 x 75 min 6 hrs
6 Sat 7/25 3.00pm - 5.00pm PT 120 min 3 x 90 min 6.50 hrs
7 Sun 7/26 2.30pm - 5.00pm PT 150 min 0 min 2.50 hrs

Real Reviews From Real Customers

Thank you, Simon. I had no idea when beginning this work how vastly powerful and hope-giving it would be. I thought it might be some helpful tricks for lowering stress in rest-digest mode. And then, lo! We are learning astonishing methods from great masters. This is an unanticipated blessing – Camille – Verified Buyer
My daughter and I have both noticed a positive impact to our sleep and digestion systems using this breathwork method. – Eric – Verified Buyer
I have always had shoulder and back pain while sitting at my desk. That has gone away after the 2nd day… and my anxiousness has totally diminished. – Kathleen – Verified Buyer
Thank you. I feel like a younger me. I used to be ‘chill’ but after having kids became the opposite. It’s been 10 years, but after 1 week, I feel that sense of ease coming back. – Brittney – Verified Buyer

14 Day Intermittent Fasting Program
(With Dr. Jason Fung)

An ancient practice for modern health.

What to expect:
Join over 10,000 people who have fasted with our expert guidance and experience more energy, improved sleep, better appetite control, enhanced mental clarity and overall vibrance. Whether you’re brand new to fasting or have been doing it for years, this program is designed to create and reinforce ideal habits for making periodic fasting a sustainable part of your life.

What you get:
14 days of guided fasting, alternating between 16- and 20-hour fasts
Step-by-step instructions
Customizable schedules
Detailed worksheets to keep you on track
Daily emails for support and educational information
3 Live video Q&A sessions with Dr. Jason Fung
Recommended shopping list
Community support via private Facebook Group

Next Session Starts: January 2021
Price: $69.99

Real Reviews From Real Customers

I’m very grateful to Jessica, Dr. Fung and the Pique team all of whom have helped me through a year of transformation including breathwork and fasting challenges. This most recent fast helped me get even closer to my goal as I was able to hear what I needed to break through a stall and have come that much closer to my goal. Even though I don’t participate much on Facebook, I am thankful for those who do because often I found answers to some questions just when I needed to hear them. All in all I cannot thank you enough. It was a good day when my daughter introduced me to Pique teas 3
years ago! – Sarah S.– Verified Buyer

The daily emails were beautifully written and informative. Having access to the closed FB community is wonderful for accountability and getting to participate in live sessions with Dr. Fung was so informational and inspiring. Thank you so much for all your efforts! – Barbara H. – Verified Buyer
This was a great experience to pause and take stock of nutritional goals and self care as a priority. Excellent support and education. Thanks for the challenge! – Dan M. – Verified Buyer
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