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Latest articles

Everything You Should Know About Tea for Hair

Tea isn’t just delicious to drink. It also can provide a healthy boost to your skin and hair.  In fact,...

5 Reasons to Drink Yerba Mate – and Side Effects to Watch

Heard of yerba mate tea, but not entirely sure of its history, health benefits, or taste?  We’ll break down what...

The Science On Tannins In Tea: Good Or Bad?

You may not know it, but if you drink tea, you’re already well-acquainted with tannins.  But, while these astringent and...

What Are The Healthiest Teas To Drink?

Which type of tea is the healthiest tea on Earth? Because drinking tea comes with so many incredible health benefits,...

What to Know About Getting Tea Drunk

If you’ve ever heard the term “tea drunk,” you may be wondering whether it’s really possible to get drunk...

The Top 7 Best Teas for Healthy Skin

What are the best teas for skin that glows and refuses to age? Veteran tea drinkers know about the many...

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