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Latest articles

6 Add-Ins to Make Tea Taste Better

Tea drinkers come in many forms. Some are purists, who want the leaf and nothing but the leaf.  But many...

Probiotic Tea: What Is It And Do You Need It?

You already know that taking probiotics can be helpful for your immune health, digestion and more (1), but what’s...

What to Know About CBD Tea

You’ve probably seen ads for all kinds of CBD-containing products, extolling the compound’s calming effects. There’s CBD oil, CBD...

5 Reasons to Drink Yerba Mate – and Side Effects to Watch

Heard of yerba mate tea, but not entirely sure of its history, health benefits, or taste?  We’ll break down what...

How To Make Kombucha, Safely And Easily

Thanks to its delightful flavors and remarkable health properties, kombucha tea has recently grown in popularity and is now...

How Do You Make Oolong Milk Tea?

Craving a rich, healthy cup of tea? An oolong milk tea might be right up your alley.  Oddly enough, there’s...

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