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Ginger Tea Recipe

Ginger Green Tea Drink

Ginger Green Tea Sparkling Drink

This spicy, tangy, and fizzy drink is the perfect alternative to sugary sodas for a refreshing drink that calms and invigorates. Ginger green tea crystals...
Ginger and Fermented Pu'er Green Tea Gummies

Ginger and Green Tea Gummies

These immune supporting gummies are perfect for soothing during sniffle season or all year round! They’re made with just 6 ingredients and require minimal...
Medicine Ball Tea

Mint-Citrus Medicine Ball Tea

This immune system supporting tea is invigorating and revitalizing with spicy ginger, mint and a pop of citrus. If you are feeling under the...
Blood Orange Ginger Spritz

Blood Orange Ginger Spritz

This fruity blood orange-ginger spritz is full of citrus flavor and the zesty flavor of ginger. Topped with effervescent prosecco, it’s the perfect summertime...
Ginger Cranberry Moscow Mule Main

Ginger Cranberry Moscow Mule

Double your dose of ginger with this cranberry moscow mule, perfect for holiday entertaining with plenty of festive flavor.  Spicy ginger combines with tangy cranberry...
Ginger Citrus Keto Latte Main

Ginger Citrus Keto Latte

Ginger Citrus Keto Latte 1 sachet Pique Ginger Digestion Elixir8 oz water¼ cup macadamia (or other nut milk)½ tsp grassfed ghee butter or...