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Latest articles

Adaptogenic Green Smoothie

Adaptogenic Green Smoothie 1 sachet Pique Jasmine Green Tea1 cup kale (chopped)½ avocado½ teaspoon holy basil powder½ teaspoon...

Earl Grey Oatmeal

Elevate your oatmeal with this tea-infused recipe full of comforting aroma and plenty of antioxidants to start the day...

Cinnamon Fasting Tea Banana Nut Smoothie

This lightly sweetened smoothie is full of creamy texture and makes a great hunger tamer any time of day...

Ginger Digestion Tea Root Vegetable Curry

This plant-based curry is full of antioxidants and hearty fiber-rich root vegetables, meaning you’ll be satisfied long after mealtime....

Lily Oolong Pumpkin Spice Breakfast Smoothie

This creamy breakfast smoothie is the perfect autumn morning beverage with potassium, fiber and spiced notes of nutmeg, cinnamon,...

Rooibos Vanilla Chia Pudding

Reach for this Rooibos tea-infused chia pudding to tame a sweet craving with only 5 ingredients. Best of all,...

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