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Latest articles

Chaga Chai Latte

In this homemade chai latte, Chaga mushrooms step in for traditional tea leaves for a roasty flavor blended with...

Mint White Hot Chocolate

This jitter-free mint white hot chocolate is a soothing blend of green tea, fresh mint and coconut milk for...

Frothy Coffee-Free Latte

If you’re in need of a morning boost minus the jitters, this frothy tea-infused latte will perk you up...

Watermelon Hibiscus Aqua Fresca

Kick summertime into high gear with this boozy watermelon hibiscus aqua fresca that’s as hydrating as it is crowd-pleasing!  Nothing...

Chaga Chocolate Milk Elixir

This chocolate milk is a combination of two TCM superfoods that help to revitalize and energize you for a...

Calming Reishi Cashew Latte

To promote relaxation and a restful nights sleep, reach for a cup of this frothy dairy-free Reishi latte! This...

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