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Cinnamon Tea Recipe

Heart Healthy Cinnamon Oatmeal

Cinnamon Oatmeal

This whole grain oatmeal not only satisfies hunger, but is also full of heart healthy ingredients to keep your cardiovascular system running smoothly. Breakfast sets...
Cinnamon Dolce Tea Latte

Cinnamon Dolce Tea Latte

The ultimate cinnamon dolce tea latte is less than 10 minutes away! This coffee-free tea blend is great for a morning or afternoon pick-me-up. Coffee...
Hot Toddy

Cinnamon Tea Hot Toddy

This soothing hot toddy is the perfect blend of aromatic spices with the tartness of apple cider and antioxidant power of tea.  If you’re feeling...
Gluten Free, Low Sugar Cinnamon Rolls

Gluten-Free, Low Sugar Cinnamon Rolls

These soft and doughy tea-infused cinnamon rolls are full of the sweet and sticky cinnamon flavor you know and love, but with a few...
Cinnamon Fasting Tea Apple Crisps Main

Cinnamon Fasting Tea Apple Crisps

This spiced apple crisp recipe is equally enjoyable for breakfast or as a dessert with antioxidants and fiber!  Whether you’re in need of a meal...
Cinnamon Tea Apple Cranberry Cider Main

Cinnamon Tea Apple Cranberry Cider

This better-than-store-bought cozy cider will have the whole house smelling like fall, with ripe apples and spices simmering on the stovetop. This version is...