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At this point, you’ve definitely heard about matcha or know someone who’s obsessed with it. After all, why wouldn’t you? Matcha provides calm energy, enhanced focus, detoxifies your body and even gives your skin a youthful glow.

There has been so much buzz about matcha, as a tea fanatic, Simon (Founder of Pique Tea) felt compelled to do a deep dive to learn about it. He embarked on a 18-month research journey – tasted hundreds of the most highly rated matchas from Kyoto to Yame and even China, and travelled to Japan and met with 9th and 10th degree teamasters and famous tea farmers. He has taken everything he has learned and created a comprehensive guide of all his findings and trade secrets about matcha.


The Insider's Guide to Premium Matcha eBook
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The Insider's Guide to Premium Matcha eBook
This premium matcha ebook contains everything Simon (Founder of Pique Tea) learned about the famous matcha from famous tea masters. Download Your Copy Now!
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