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Traditional Chinese Medicine

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Latest articles

TCM Tips for Transitioning to Fall

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, Late Summer is recognized as the season that follows Summer and comes before Autumn –...

TCM Herbs for Supporting Health

Chinese Herbalism is a sophisticated practice that honors the wisdom of the Earth and our bodies. This elegant practice...

TCM Tips for a Healthy Transition to Summer

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, our bodies are believed to be deeply connected to nature and the planet. Part of...

Supporting a Healthy Digestive System with TCM

In both eastern and western medicine, a healthy digestive system is recognized as a critical component of overall health....

A TCM Approach to Supporting the Immune System

No matter the health philosophy, a well-functioning immune system is seen as the foundation of a happy and healthy...

TCM Tips for a Healthy Transition to Spring

Ever heard someone say they’re more likely to fall sick when the seasons change? Human bodies are complicated organisms, and...

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