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Latest articles

“Healthy” Foods to Avoid (And What to Eat Instead)

Green Juice Red Wine “Gluten-free” snacks Granola Veggie/Whole-Wheat Pasta Whole Wheat Bread Instant Oatmeal Veggie Burgers Protein Bars Flavored or “Light” Yogurt Kombucha With all the contradicting nutrition information out...

9 Evidence-Based Benefits of Magnesium

News flash: dietary surveys show a majority of Americans do NOT get their recommended daily amount of magnesium (1).  Why...

The Skinny on Sweeteners

Our diet is sweeter than ever. In fact, 75 percent of foods and beverages bought in the United States...

The Big Switch: Coffee to Tea – Why You Should Try, How to Go About It, and What Benefits to Expect

Wait, don’t go! Yes, this is an unpopular topic with coffee drinkers, and we should know, we’ve been there....

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