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Latest articles

The Best Bitter Foods to Include in Your Diet and Why You Should

Did you know that bitter foods may be better for your health? Often described as a sharp or pungent flavor,...

All About L-Theanine: How It Works, Health Benefits, and More

Pop quiz: why are the effects of tea different from those of coffee? The answer: along with healthy antioxidants and...

Bergamot: Everything You Need to Know

You might recognize bergamot as the reason behind the unique flavor profile of Earl Grey tea, but did you...

Tea vs Coffee: The Ultimate Guide

Worldwide, coffee and tea are among the most widely consumed beverages. (1) A whopping 1.6 billion cups of coffee...

Which Tea is Best for Every Time and Every Season

Imagine it’s a crisp Autumn evening. You’re winding down for the night, comfy under a warm blanket and craving...

How (and Why) to Eat Seasonally

Strawberries in December? Pumpkin in March? Thanks to modern agriculture and distribution methods, we can get virtually any kind of...

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