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How to do a 3-Day Sugar Detox to Reset Your Mind and Body

A high-sugar diet could be the culprit behind your health issues. Why not try a sugar detox to improve your health? Let this be your guide.

How Caffeine Works

Just about everyone has a flood of opinions about caffeine. Even the word itself tends to create a dichotomous...

How Much Caffeine is in Tea? Everything You Need to Know

What’s your biggest motivation for drinking tea? Caffeine might not be the main reason, but for most tea drinkers, it’s...

The Best Bitter Foods to Include in Your Diet and Why You Should

Did you know that bitter foods may be better for your health? Often described as a sharp or pungent flavor,...

All About L-Theanine: How It Works, Health Benefits, and More

Pop quiz: why are the effects of tea different from those of coffee? The answer: along with healthy antioxidants and...

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