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5 Natural Air Fresheners That Are Chemical-Free and Effective At Eliminating Odors

What is the best natural air freshener?  If you're like most people, you may fill your home with fresh scents...

Why Am I So Tired? Top 5 Causes and Solutions

It’s normal to need rest after a busy week at work or a big project. But being tired all the...

Lessons About Longevity: What Can We Learn From Blue Zones?

Is longevity truly “all in your genes,” as many people believe? Actually, data from twins suggests that genes only account...

Tea and Meditation: A Match Made in Nirvana

More than just a source of caffeine, tea is full of healthy plant compounds – many of which also...

8 Super Simple Ways to Eat Healthy on a Budget

8 Genius Ways to Eat Healthy on a Budget 1. Shop For Affordable Protein Sources (Other Than Beans) 2. Fill Your...

Stress Management: Why Should You Care And 8 Ways to to Relieve Stress

Sometimes, striving to reduce your stress only leads to...more stress. Traditional recommendations for stress relief–like bubble baths, meditation, or yoga–can...

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