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Ok, coffee is not the worst thing in the world- it can even be healthy in smaller amounts- but, let’s face it, most of us are ready to admit we’re downing way too much! If you’re out of bed early and staying up too late, you know that urge to reach for a second cup of coffee in the morning and another for your afternoon slump. But, what’s it really doing for you?

Turns out, if you’re drinking coffee in excess it’s likely a culprit for your burnout and may be messing with your metabolism and insulin resistance.

Here are 3 reasons why green tea should be your new morning ritual.

1. Amazing (and proven) health benefits of green tea

  • It’s a life extender
  • Helps beat adrenal fatigue
  • Can offer extended energy
  • Antioxidizing
  • Anti-cancer
  • Benefits oral wellness & fresh breath

Along with helping beat fatigue by sustaining energy, green tea is a longevity-conferring plant food that can help you stay efficient while preventing burnout. Too many of us complain of burning the candle at both ends while guzzling extra coffee to stay awake, make it to our workouts and fight headaches. If we’re not careful, it’s the lifestyle pattern that adrenal fatigue is made of.

Research, however, shows that green tea protects cellular health because of its anti-oxidizing effects. Free radicals that result from the stress of daily life face cells with potential damage. The catechins and polyphenols contained within protect us by reducing oxidation to cells and therefore improve our resistance to certain cancers.

Have brain fog between morning and afternoon coffee? Sipping green tea spells good news for your intellect as well. In studies, green tea along with a healthy lifestyle of making it to the gym or working out regularly and an ideal diet benefit cognition and memory. When the blood sugar balancing benefits kick in, the combined effect can equal a more on-it, calm, energetic and focused you.

2. Green tea is great for your workouts

Drinking too much coffee can influence unnecessary highs and lows in blood sugar. These fluctuations can make it difficult to reach maintained metabolic homeostasis. How does this affect your workout? In some cases, these shifts can cause you to hold onto weight. Green tea can offer the opposite effects- it’s a safe addition to most weight management plans.

Along with green tea’s cancer-fighting properties due to certain antioxidants like the catechins contained within- catechins have been shown to trigger beneficial weight loss. By influencing the body to burn calories, green tea is an easy addition to the diet- especially when it’s tapping a packet of crystals into hot water! You can take it on the go & warm up on the way to your workout or brew it to enjoy cool on a hot day.

3. Green tea brightens your complexion

When you show up to work tired, your coworkers see it on your face. Switching from coffee to green tea may offer deserved justice to your tired visage. Not only can green tea help prevent and soothe sunburn, its antibacterial properties can help clear an acne-prone complexion.

How much should I be drinking?

Drink at least one or two green teas daily to start experiencing enhanced wellness. Ready to make the switch? 

3 Reasons Why Green Tea Is Better Than Coffee

3 Reasons Why Green Tea Is Better Than Coffee
Article Name
3 Reasons Why Green Tea Is Better Than Coffee
While coffee is not the worst thing in the world, green tea has been proven to be better than coffee. Coffee, in excess, is a likely culprit for your burnout and may be messing with your metabolism and insulin resistance; green tea provides healthier benefits, is great for your workout and improves your complexion.
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Simon Cheng