Corey Nelson

Corey Nelson
Corey has worked as a science writer, health coach, and personal trainer for over 10 years. He believes natural remedies (like Pique Tea!) and healthier human habitats are essential for optimal health. To learn more about his writing and coaching, visit

All About Rooibos Tea: Taste, Brewing Directions, and Side Effects

Rooibos is a shrub-like plant native to South Africa that makes a smooth, delicious red tea. In this article, you’ll learn the backstory of rooibos,...

The 7 Best Teas in the World

Quality counts, especially for something as intimate, epicurean, and culturally revered as tea-drinking. What makes a tea considered to be the best tea in...

The Top 6 Calming Teas for Sleep or Calm Energy

When you’re busy or anxious, the quiet ritual of preparing and drinking tea can be incredibly soothing. But there’s more to the calming effects of...

Jasmine Tea Benefits: 5 Research-Backed Benefits of Jasmine Tea

If you’ve never experienced this fragrant, energizing tea, it might be time to give it a try. There’s a reason why Jasmine has been...

The 8 Best Green Teas to Drink – A Beginner’s Guide

Whether you’re a green tea novice or a seasoned expert, the world of tea holds an undeniable allure.  The aroma, flavor, and visual aspects of...

How Much Caffeine is in Tea? Everything You Need to Know

What’s your biggest motivation for drinking tea? Caffeine might not be the main reason, but for most tea drinkers, it’s a welcome aid for alertness,...

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Earl Grey Apple Spice Pancakes

These easy-to-make pancakes require just 9 ingredients! Each bite has bergamot notes with earl grey tea blended right into the batter!

Golden Ginger Drink

Refresh and revitalize with this spicy-tangy golden ginger drink - finished with unsweetened coconut milk, adding creamy texture and a tropical flavor.


If you’re trying to ditch caffeine but enjoys the comforting flavor of a cappuccino, a Chagacinno may be what you’re looking for.

Healthy Brown Sugar Boba

Get your boba tea fix with good-for-you ingredients in this creamy chilled tea drink - this drink is dairy and processed sugar free!