Since ancient times, Chinese Buddhist monks have discovered that drinking tea helped with their daily meditation. Meditation, they believed, was the source of all enlightenment. If you have ever meditated, you’ve discovered that it is not easy. Your mind drifts off into distraction and perhaps you even start to nod off. You’re not alone. The ancient monks also encountered these barriers to nirvana.

The monks discovered that drinking tea helped them with their daily meditation. Tea packed a punch of caffeine and I-theanine, which sharpened their focus and concentration. Combined, these two powerful ingredients aided in their meditation and spiritual enlightenment.

Today, modern science has proven what the clever monks knew intuitively, and green tea is enjoyed, not only as a delicious drink but also for its ability to bring energy and focus to our working day.

Many of you have written in asking about l-theanine and polyphenols. Polyphenols are simple. They’re just tea antioxidants. Here are two videos of Simon, Founder of Pique Tea, explaining what l-theanine is and how it will help you realize your maximum potential.

What are you waiting for? Order your daily dose of Pique tea, and achieve the same level of focus and concentration starting today!

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