So there are 4 reasons why our active ingredient levels are high.

1) We use high-quality raw materials, loose-leaf grade tea. Loose leaf tea is generally richer in both flavor and nutrients than raw materials used for tea bags and bottled tea. (I’m going to do a video showing the stuff we use vs tea bags so stay tuned).

2) Our low-temperature extraction extracts the good stuff in tea leaves till there’s nothing left. Imagine taking loose leaves and steeping them again and again till all you get is clear water. That’s what our Cold Crystallization does. This is a far more efficient / higher yielding brew process. It just takes a lot longer.

3) Our low-temperature crystallization locks in the flavor and active ingredients at their maximum potential.

4) We sell Pique in air, light and moisture proof packets to prevent degradation.

So in simple terms:  We use better ingredients, extract all the good stuff so nothing is left, maximize the preservation of said good stuff and seal it up tight so that you get at its best. You can learn more about our process by clicking on the link below.

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