Cold, Hot? Hot, Cold? It’s All About Balance

Hi, it’s Simon Cheng, This is how I drink tea.   I prefer black tea in the morning unless it’s very hot out. It suits my body better. I reserve green tea for the afternoon when it’s warmer in the day. This wasn’t always the case. When I was young (I just look young bc...

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It’s Time To Change The Way You Drink Tea

Winter. Is. Coming. Already here! And most likely, you’d prefer to be sipping on tea all day long…if only you had a never-ending supply in your purse and it didn’t take so long to steep. In that case, Pique Tea’s groundbreaking tea crystals are about to be your new...

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Tea Time With Simone Miller of ZenBelly

Superstar paleo chef. Dog lover. Cookbook master. Meet Simone Miller of ZenBelly - a San Francisco-based food blog that will leave your mouth watering. You might have noticed some of her amazing recipes popping up on our blog, like the Blackberry Mint Arnold-Palmer....

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Tea Time With Simply Morgen

Mom. Photographer. Adventurer. Meet Simply Morgen, aka Morgen Arguinzoni. Morgen's clean, modern style piqued our interest on Instagram and we had to know more. Morgen lives in California with her husband and one-year-old son Caelen. From collecting rocks to dancing...

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Summer Hack: How to Stay Hydrated

The heat is waving in - summer is officially here as temps rise everywhere! You’ll be out there soaking in the rays from the warm sand, taking in vistas from invigorating summer hikes and traveling more than usual, but will you be well-hydrated? Stick with our tips to...

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Pique’s 4 Step Guide to Pampering Yourself!

Valentine's Day is about celebrating love! Candy hearts with silly sayings. Chocolate roses. Teddy bears coming at you from every angle. We get so focused on celebrating the people we love that we forget to show ourselves some love. That's why we decided to make a...

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