I get it.

Loose leaf tea made with whole leaves brewed in a pot is the best. I love it. It’s how I grew up drinking tea in Hong Kong. Loose leaves in pots are abundant everywhere you go.

But the reality is I don’t live in Hong Kong and neither do you. We don’t have the luxury of finding loose leaf tea in pots almost anywhere. The vast majority of the teas available in the US are cheap tea bags and sugary bottled teas with preservatives.

Being in this business, I can tell you that food providers who feed us do not care about the tea they’re serving. In fact, their target is to spend single digit cents per tea bag. That’s the quality of tea we’re offered in hotels, restaurant iced tea, offices, schools, airports, airlines, and conferences, everywhere.

Honestly, it’s embarrassing. If tea is the most medically proven and most widely adopted superfood by cultures all over the world outside the US, why the $&?# is the tea that’s served to us so bad? So bad that most people actually never develop a liking for it.

Something is obviously broken and we’re here to fix that. Pique provides loose leaf flavor and loose leaf active ingredients without the hassle of brewing. So you can have high-quality tea everywhere you go. We measure the levels of active ingredients in our teas – polyphenols, l-theanine, caffeine – and publish them online.



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