Want the Best Tasting Tea? Start With Filtered Water

There are many factors that go into making an exceptional cup of tea. The quality of the tea leaves. The brew time. The water temperature. The water quality. After several years of research and experimentation, I created Tea Crystals that would control the quality, brew time and temperature of tea. However, my Tea Crystals could not control the water quality. Want to know the final secret ingredient to a perfect cup of tea? Filtered water.

With a good water filtration system, you can remove the impurities, like chlorine, while still retaining essential minerals. The minerals in the water help enhance the flavor of your tea, which gives your tea more character.Impurities in drinking water.

One water filter I use daily is the Soma Water filter. It’s the perfect accessory for tea lovers. The Soma filter is made of the simplest of ingredients, like nature’s own coconut shell carbon and a plant-based casing. It removes chlorine and bad odors while making water taste fresh and delicious.

Soma Water creates the perfect blank canvas for tea flavor notes. With impurities in the water removed, the flavors in the tea are free to tickle your taste buds. Next time you make your favorite cup of Pique Tea, take an extra moment to brew with filtered water.


Simon Cheng

Simon Cheng Pique Tea

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