Hi, it’s Simon Cheng,

This is how I drink tea.  

I prefer black tea in the morning unless it’s very hot out. It suits my body better. I reserve green tea for the afternoon when it’s warmer in the day. This wasn’t always the case. When I was young (I just look young bc of all the tea I drink, I’m really not), I felt like my body was overheating all the time. So I drank lots of green tea to cool down. As much as I could. It improved my temperament, my skin, my hydration. Now that I’m older, I get cold more easily and have a greater need for warmth in the foods I eat.

This pattern is very common in the Far East. Many tea drinkers start off with green tea and eventually gravitate towards darker, more oxidized teas as they age. Of course, everyone’s body is different, so it’s most important to listen to your body. A lot also depends on the climate you live in so pay attention to the weather. (It’s always cold, windy and damp in San Francisco which is probably my body is cold all the time.)

Get to know your food and the effects it has on your body. Eat and observe. It’s the only way to balance what’s going on inside your body with what’s going outside. Strive for inner/outer harmony then work to maintain it. This is the key to longevity. Remember things change with the seasons, the weather and your age, so keep listening and feeling. Identify foods that you can access easily and conveniently that help keeps your body in balance, like tea.

Here are some broad examples, to give you a feel of COLD vs HOT foods:

Hot (warming) foods: Ginger, chili, frying, curry powder, lychees, mangoes, lamb, hot Peach Ginger Black Tea. Now imagine what it’d feel like to eat a leg of fried lamb dusted in ginger and chili with mango heaped over it on a hot summer day. That’s hot.

Cold (cooling) foods: Watermelon, bitter-melon, steaming, aloe, sugar cane, duck, iced Mint Sencha Green Tea. Now imagine what it would feel like to eat a steamed, chilled duck breast with aloe pieces in a chilled watermelon soup on a cold winter night. That’s cold.

Now reverse the two. Imagine eating the lamb on a cold winter night. Imagine eating the duck in the hot summer day. Feel the difference? That’s how you eat to balance your inner body with its external environment.

It’s time to upgrade your tea habit.

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