Myths about tea!


1. Green tea detoxes are effective.

In China, it’s common knowledge that you cannot consume green tea on an empty stomach, since its compound increases stomach acid levels. The tea can help you lose weight by boosting your metabolism, so you should not drink it before eating. Instead, opt for black tea in the morning or before meals and green tea after.

2. Tea is great for when you’re sick.

You shouldn’t drink tea while on medication, herbal or pharmaceutical, since teas have many powerful beneficial and biological effects that counteract or interfere with other medicines.

3. Green tea is healthier than black tea.

The only reason green teas are perceived to be healthier than black teas is because they are more widely studied in the Western scientific community. In fact, the first tea to obtain FOSHU certification for its effect on weight loss in Japan was a black oolong.

In reality, both green and black teas contain powerful and beneficial antioxidants. A tea leaf turns from green to black through oxidation or fermentation much like a leaf plucked from a typical tree. The curing or drying of the leaf halts the oxidation and creates a green tea versus a white or black one. Over the course of this transformation, the antioxidants in green tea, such as catechins, are converted into the antioxidants in black tea, such as theaflavins.

Theaflavins and catechins are equally beneficial for different reasons. Green tea is great for boosting immunity, cellular regeneration, and metabolism while black tea can help with anything cardiovascular related such as detoxifying lipids and sugar from blood. People in Hong Kong and Southern China have been drinking black Pu’er tea with heavy meals to help digestion for centuries. Natural diabetes remedies made from Pu’er are also popular in China.

4. Green tea is highly caffeinated.

It’s general knowledge in China that black tea contains more caffeine than green tea. Of course this is not 100 percent definitive as there are such a huge variety of different black and green teas cured in myriad ways. But if you want a nice caffeine kick without coffee, opt for black tea over green.

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